Main events from 1893 -1993


The Holy Name of Mary Church existed more than 127 years. It was built by Fr. Michael Seet in over 3 years period with overwhelming support and cooperation from the parishioners.

Main Events Of The History Of Our Church

  1. In the year 1850, Fr. Tisserang was transferred from Singapore to the North, and he brought with him the Minor Seminary, know as St. Mary’s College, which he set up in Singapore, to Matang Tinggi, where it functioned for about ten years. He put up a big house of 2 storeys, upstairs were the quarters for the priests and seminarians, downstairs were the classroom and doctrine house. On both sides of the house there were school buildings, one for the girls, the other for the boys. Later on one became the quarters for the teachers and the Catechist, where children from far away places used to dwell on great feast days, or to learn catechism. All expenses were met by the parish under the care of the Catechist. In the year 1859, Fr. Pierre, passing through Permatang Tinggi found about 100 Catholics living there, and their crops being destroyed by pests.

  2. According to the Baptism record, on September 10th, 1893, Fr. Bouheret baptised the first child in Permatang Tinggi. This is the earliest record of the parish of the Holy Name of Mary. Let us take this date as the birthday of this parish.

  3. In the same year, Fr. Bouheret managed to get 700 acres of land in Jawi for the people to develop. About 50 Catholics responded to this plan. In the year 1900 Fr. Bouheret died a sudden death and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery behind the Church, and Fr. Bes from Bukit Mertajam took charge of Permatang Tinggi. In 1902 he constructed a small chapel in Permatang Tinggi. In 1902 he constructed the small chapel of The Holy Family in Jawi for the Catholics there. The year 1905 saw the Baptism of 25 people in that chapel. According to sayings of the people, each Catholic could get 15 acres of land for cultivation.

  1. In 1984 Fr. John Hiong was sent by the Bishop to take over from Fr. Martin Lam. He build a Shrine in honour of Our Lady at the back of the church. He also tried to put up a altered the main altar, dismantled the two side wings of the church and used the pillars simple hall for the use of the parishioners. Unfortunately, he contracted the horrible decease. of cancer, and died on the 31st May, 1987. He was buried in the Catholic cemetary behind the priest house.

  2. In 1987 Fr. Raphael Kang succeeded Fr. John Hiong to look after the parish of The Holy Name of Mary. Through the help of two seminarians, Bro. Michael Cheah and Bro E. Benedict, he updated the parish census, and following the diocesan option, started the Renewed Parish Project. He proposed to go on with the project of setting up hall, and proposed to develop the church land for a housing project. Because of the shortage of priests he also helped to serve the Catholics in Machang Bubok and Junjong regularly. He also tries to solve the problem of the Church in Valdor Village. During his time, the liturgical, Catechetical, and Finance/Development committees were set up, and personal computer set was purchased for storing data and manage various parish documents.

  3. From the beginning until now there were 18 parishioners who followed God’s call to join priesthood or Religious Life:

History in summary

1893Rev. Fr. P. Bouheret baptised the first child in Permatang Tinggi on 10 September
1893It also marked the birth of this parish, Church of the Holy Name of Mary.
1900Rev. Fr. P. Bouheret died and was buried in the Parish Cemetary.
1902Rev. Fr. J. Bes constructed the small chapel of the Holy Family in Jawi.
1927Rev. Fr. Michael Seet established Saint Mary Chinese Primary School.
1928Rev. Fr. Seet constructed the present Church of the Holy Name of Mary.
1952Due to emergency laws, residents were moved to new village and the Saint Mary School was forced to .down
St. Anne Chapel in Valdor Village was built by Rev. Fr. Anthony Khaw.
1954Rev. Fr. Thomas Chin built a small chapel in Permatang Tinggi Village and began to celebrate Mass in Chinese.
1966The establishment of Parish Council and the first Chairman was Mr. Lim Onn Hock.
1969Rev. Fr. Thomas Chin rebuilt the present St. Mary Magdalena Chapel in Permatang Tinggi Village and also the present Presbytery near the Church.
On July 1969, the German Brother that offering medical service in Permatang Tinggi Village was transferred to St. Mary Hospital in Ipoh.
Blessing of St. Mary Magdalena Chapel was celebrated by the Most Rev. Gregory Yong, Bishop of Penang on 16 September 1969.
Final Religious Profession of Bro. Joachim Heng on 22 December 1969.
1970Rev. Fr. Joseph Liu took over as parish priest.
1972Final Religious Profession of Bro. John Heng.
1973Ordination of Rev. Fr. Paul Chin on 25 February 1973, first Diocesan Priest from the parish.
1974Rev. Fr. Paul Chin replaced the access stairway with asphalt driveway while on temporary assignment.
1975Rev. Fr. Liu built St. Joseph Chapel in Juru Village and was blessed by the Most Rev. Bishop Yong on 13 April 1975.
1978Parish celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Church on 17 September 1978.
Mr. Lim Onn Hock was conferred the Gold Award & Honorary Member of Marist Brother by the Holy Father in recognition of his long and excellent service to the church on 17 September 1978.
Final religious Profession of Bro. Paul Ching on December.
1980Retirement of Rev. Fr. Liu. He was succeeded by Rev. Martin Lam.
1982Final Religious Profession of Sister Annette Heng on 12 September 1982.
1983The parish was named a pilgrimage church in HOLY YEAR of Redemption.
1984Rev. Fr. John Hiong took over as parish priest.
Final Religious Profession of Sr. Rosaland Lim on 4 February 1984.
Final Religious Profession of Bro Thomas Chin on 14 April 1984.
Arrival of Statute of OUR LADY of FATIMA and a procession was held on 5 June 1984 at Permatang Tinggi Village.
1987Rev. Fr. Hiong died of cancer on 31 May 1987.
On 3 June 1987, a funeral Mass was held for late Fr. Hiong and the church was packed with about 3000 congregations including Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Bishop of Penang, Bishop of Malacca & Johor and many priests, brothers, sisters and Catholics.
Rev. Mgr. Raphael Kang took over as parish priest on 1 June 1987.
Silver Jubilee Celebration for Bro. John Heng on 27 September 1987.
1988Parish Celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Church on 1 November 1988.
1989Diaconate Ordination of Michael Cheah on 13 April 1989.
1990Launching of Renewed Parish Project on 15 April 1990.
Final Religious Profession of Bro. John Tan and Silver Jubilee Celebration for Bro. Joachim Heng on 4 November 1990.
1993 Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Parish Multi-Purpose Hall on 16 May 1993.
Final Religious Profession of Bro. Teoh, FMS on 22 June 1993.
Parish Centenary Celebration on 12 September 1993.
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