Family Day


On May 1st, St. Joseph Feast Day, the parish held the Parish Family Day with the theme “How good, how delightful it is to live as brothers all together!” (Psalm133:1)

The day started with mass at 7.30 am and followed by breakfast. Various activities were arranged for the 300 parishioners from all four language groups of English, Chinese, Tamil and East Malaysians. There were outdoor and indoor activities for the young and the not so young. Activities such as Tank Race, Brick Walking, Gunny Sack Race, Passing of Rubber Band and Newspaper Dance were specially planned for the different age groups. Everyone is included. For those who could not be active we have the Rosary Making workshop which was a tremendous hit. For the highly energetic and young ones, we have the Treasure Hunt throughout the village.

It was a moment of harmonious interaction of different cultures and languages. From the perspective of an observer, it can be concluded that there was so much fraternity among the various language groups that it is truly a witness to a church in unity as envisioned by Christ when he said: “May they all be one”.

One even commented that the parish should hold this family day event every 3 months. This is a testimony that the parishioners are eagerly waiting for such events at parish level that will bring all the language groups together to give them a chance to interact, getting to know one another better, building fraternal brotherhood and giving glory to the Almighty God.

Our parish priest Fr. Louis Loi participated fully in most of the activities and was very happy with the outcome of the family day which was to celebrate family life and aptly it was also St. Joseph Feast Day, the head of the Holy Family. We must emulate the Holy Family not just individual families but the parish family too. A big applause to all and kudos to the organisers for a work well done!

Family day
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