Blessing of the Water and the Graves

All Souls Day at the Cemetery


The parishioners of the Church of the Holy Name of Mary, Permatang Tinggi, were very pleased that this year the All Saints Paradise Cemetery is opened to the public, but with strict observance of the SOPs. Many came to visit their beloved departed, with flowers, candles and not forgetting the cleaning tools. The visitors were all very cooperative and adhered to the SOPs.

For some it was also a good opportunity to catch-up with their relatives and friends whom they have not met since the pandemic.

The collaboration of the parishioners of the CHNM did a very good job to make this day a memorial one. Volunteers from the various BEC languages Group who manned the SOP check-in counter, Sale of Candles by the St. Stephen Altar Servers and Sale of Flowers by the Women Fellowship (Mandarin Group). Syabas CHNM parishioners.

all souls day
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