All Souls’ Day Mass

Fr. Louis Loi, parish priest of the Church of the Holy Name of Mary, Permatang Tinggi, in his homily on All souls’ day mass mentioned that, The Halloween combination of All Saints’ & All Souls’ day, reminds us of the reality of Death and Life after Death. These days are a sad reminder that our bodies will one day give out. Somewhere, sometime, sooner or later, we will experience the startling reality of death.

So is it all over for the Individual? Nothing but extinction, absolute silence, darkness? Will there be no more love, no more joy, no more laughter?

Today’s Gospel (Mk 15:33-39) Jesus tells us that there is a future. He walked through the doors of suffering and violent death to come and say there is light, love, laughter and rejoicing. There is a life beyond your dreams and imagination. Jesus offers HOPE! This is what we celebrate ahead ‘Hope’

What does this feast ask of us?

Be grateful for what we have, show our appreciation, remembering our love ones, ancestors, friends, that have gone before us.

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