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Holy Spirit Our Helper

  1. There are many ways of expression or call for Holy spirit: Helper, conforter, advocate, intercessor, strengthener Counselor and safety.
  • as helper in Jn 15:26
  • as Advocate in 15: 26
  • as conforter In Jn 16:7.
  1. The Greek word for Holy Spirit #Parakle dos" which means one is called the to one Side.

  2. The Holy Spirit helps us by testifying about Jesus (Jn 15:26) (Jn 16:13-15)

  3. He will help us tremendously as our teacher if we allow Him to fulfill this role in our Lives (n 14:26)

The Holy spirit is our strengthener.

The initial work of the Holy Spirit is to lead us into repentance resulting in a personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Once saved He dwells permanently In us, enabling us to experience fellowship with him as we place our trust in Jesus as our Lord .

By the power of the Holy spirit at work in us. We begin to grow spiritually, increasingly bearing fruits of righteousness (Gal 5:22-23) and doing the works of God’s Kingdom.

Do your rely upon yourself. or the Holy spirit?

By Sr.Jessicca of The Holy Trinity LSP (Little Sister of The Poor)

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